topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bendy Straws

Because Daya is a toddler she is constantly in awe and wonder at eveything in the world. Her latest New Thing is juice boxes. And straws.

I'm quite glad abut the juice box thing- they are so easy to travel with.

This morning she howled for a while...I think...because she wanted her toothbrush and I have no idea where it is. She's such a perfect angel around oher people, and I get most of the yelling and tantrums.

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  1. Those juice boxes were great for my kids growing up too. When my kids were really young though, they would always squeeze the juice carton the wrong way and juice would pour out everywhere. I hate cleaning up sticky messes. lol

    Might be wise to stock up on extra toothbrushes just in case Daya's one goes missing again.


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