topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, March 12, 2007

Morning Thought

I'm not feeling so great ( am fighting off Daya's newest cold) so I'm not in the mood to write elaborately.


I was just thinking about the state of affairs in the world today, current and upcoming wars, governments doing what they do, common people, suffering, etc. That kind of thing. It's nothing new; humanity has always acted as such. Empires rise and fall. Though, I think perhaps (at least in more developed countries) we've come to a certain place as common people that perhaps humanity has never experienced before to such a scale. And perhaps it might turn out to make a huge difference after all.

The place I am talking about is the place of knowledge. People today are generally better educated and/or have access to a wealth of global information. Very recently in the history of humanity, this wasn't so. Good education isn't just for the elite anymore. Governments are no longer presiding over masses of ignorance. People are used to thinking, to having their own opinions and ideas. And maybe, just maybe, this will make a difference.

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