topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm Done Being Stupid

I have this part of my personality that is, NOT for lack of a better word, extremely stupid. As in really retarded. And the worst part is that these episodes of stupidity are completely preventable. **And I know they are right before they happen!**

Last night I reached my breaking point with this particularly golden part of myself. I'm so embarassed to write this. See, occasionally I set out for a destination thinking I know where it is. Meaning that I have a vague idea, or a foggy recollection. I think to myself that I'll find the place when I get there. Of course I don't.

I do not bring the address with me. Nor do I bring the phone number, or even the phone sometimes. So, I end up wandering around walking long distances not finding the place I need to be, and the frustrating part is that I'm always so close to where I have to go.

A few weeks back this happened when I was dropping my taxes off. To an extremely easy location. All I accomplished was wandering around at night with the child, and she lost a shoe.

Last night I walked up and down Queens Blvd with the child and the cat. Looking for the vet, which I would have sworn was on the south side of QB, but was actually on the north side. the irony was that I was on the north side literally right by the ofice, but I didn't find it beause I was looking in the wrong place. Had I taken my phone, there would be no problem. I rescheduled the appointment for tonight. This time I will take my phone and the address.

Really, why do I do this?

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  1. I certainly do the samething. It is very frustrating, especially when my children are along and say," Mom do you even know where we are?" I feel like such a shmuck sometimes. So I now keep a extra cell phone in my car just for those emergencies!



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