topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Toddlers are really weird creatures. Seriously so. I really enjoy this about Daya.

She regularly says two phrases, "I do!" and "I no!". "I do!" originated as a non-descript but oft-repeated "aaaaahhh-jooooo", and no one is really sure if it was originally a mutant variant of "Hello!" or "How are you?", but it got refined to "I do!". "I no!" is a new one, I guess she's starting to mix and match words together.

So Daya has this strange rash. it started out as little bumps on her back, and has now spread to her arms and belly. The doctor isn't worried, since there are no other symptoms and Daya herself couldn't care less about it. I think it's just something that will disappear as mysteriously as it appeared. Just more toddler weirdness.

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