topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Valentine's Day

Last week, I knew this would happen, and so it did.

I received my final divorce papers today. I'm not sure if that's ironic or not, but I'm so very happy.

Here is my small testament to the power of conscious, focused intention, positive thinking and action.

*I could not afford a lawyer to represent me for my divorce.
*My x could, because his girlfriend paid for it.
*The end result of the divorce is that I paid nothing, and the divorce was on MY complaint, not his. And it's in the papers. This is highly unusual because he was the one to initiate the divorce. Generally the plaintiff and the one paying for the divorce calls the shots.

The whole situation started as scary and hostile and hurtful, then I decided to go an alternate route. I did loving-kindness meditation for his lawyer, and almost immediately everything changed around to be in my favor, while she still held the integrity of representing her client.

When I went to her office we had a very pleasant and friendly meeting. We actually got along quite well. I think it suprised her.

And I have a divorce on MY terms, with cruel and inhumane treatment by him on record in paper.

*If someone doesn't have a criminal record, it takes, on average, 5 years to get them deported. In this case, it took just over 2 months.

Last I heard he was getting married again. At least this time, there is an official legal record of what really happened, that he cannot lie about.

This is the best Valentines day gift ever.


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