topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Evening Solitude

Night time starts when Daya falls asleep.

This is my favourite time of day, when the world starts to settle down. Here is the stillness and solitude that only the darkness can bring. Deep silence is difficult to find in the city; our culture is one of neurosis and noise. I need silence like oxygen.

Often, I wish to live in a society that values reflection, introspection, slow movement, and quiet. Treating others gently. Noticing small things. The secret to having enough time is to stop rushing around. Rushing is pushing, forcing. It blocks flow.

Today on one of my commutes, I cannot remember if it was morning or evening, someone ran up behind me and roughly shoved me aside without a thought or a word of apology, just in hopes of catching the train. For something so meaningless. I do not get angry at these occurrences; I just observe it. I think it's sad, the way we treat each other in general. No wonder people die of heart attacks right and left. Living in that sort of mentality. In New York City, everyone seems to be getting from one point to the next as fast as possible, then rushing madly to something else. People miss the journey altogether, much less enjoy it. How our society has become so neurotic we can't even recognize it anymore. The mindlessness of the media. People get so upset when their expectations are disrupted. Everything now. And we wonder why our children are so neurotic. I think the detachment from nature has everything to do with it.

In my heart I am not in this city. I am back smelling the grass, feeling the dampness of the earth on my hands. I can feel the silence of an open night sky, the wind rustling in the trees. The embrace of Gaia. We always end up being where we need to be in the right time; I have trust in flow. We are always taken care of. She always sends reminders, when I need them the most.

And as antsy as I am getting, to get back to more natural surroundings, I still feel I'm not quite finished here. Not quite yet. Almost.

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