topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, February 04, 2007

The Awe of Gratitude

All of us have the light of divinity within. All of us can learn to access it and let it soak into the entirety of our lives. There is a question in a teaching I heard somewhere that asks what do the great spiritual masters have that the rest of us ordinary people don't? The answer isn't that it's something different- we all have that divine bliss and grace- the difference is that's ALL they have. So they actually have much less than we do. That is the incredible lightness of being.

To parapharse an Indigo Girls quote..."We own nothing, nothing is ours...but this poverty is our greatest gift..." To have nothing, to be nothing, is absolute freedom. That is the ultimate connection with god. In losing everything, you become everything.

I can't say I'm quite there yet in my own life.

It's so amazing to know what true gratitude is...being in a state of gratitude is the most powerful spiritual experience I can think of that quickly and directly plugs me in to the bliss of the divine. It is so powerful one can't help but cry, because it's just that awesome.

When I was a child I'd very often cry when I prayed, at the sheer bliss, joy, and awesomeness of god. I still do, sometimes. To be a part of that is the greatest gift imaginable. We are as much a living part of god as god is a living part of us. It is a warm, peaceful, yet electrifying feeling in the heart, that spreads through and around our entire being.

What more could anyone truly want?

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