topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, February 01, 2007


I have been thinking quite a lot lately, but when I come to blog it seems I haven't got much to say. I've been meaning to write about Athena for a little while now though.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been spiritually oriented. I have always felt a divne presence, always been able to tap into the feeling of that energy. I've spent my entire adult life exploring myself in relation to god, and really focusing on that connection. That exploration sure has taken me to some crazy places.

I was raised Christian and held on to that pretty strongly until I left home. But children will do what is natural to them, and the goddess was always natural to me. I imagined her presence everyhere, and even drew traditional goddess symbols without ever having seen them before, without knowing what they were. I had a specific connection with Athena from a very young age. I can't say why it was Athena exactly, but I liked her a lot. I drew her constantly.

I still haven't totally figured out how specific deities play into the big picture of things, as my spirituality these days tends to be more formless. But humans are part of god and as such the things that humans give life to in our hearts are as real as anything physical. The amazing thing about the godforce is that there are no limts to its expression- and those expressions of specific deities are simply parts of a whole, as we humans are ndividual parts of a whole because everything is connected. So I think it's pretty cool to have formless and form simultaneously. They are mirrors for us to look into and see ourselves. Conscious slivers of divinity broken down into pieces that we can relate to on a more personal level. God will speak to us in whatever form we resonate with or whatever form we need, and if that form is Isis or Idunna or the Morrighan, well, so be it. God is huge- more vast and huge than the whole of humanity put together could ever possibly comprehend. I think it's extremely good-natured of god to break itself down into different identities for us.

So Athena. I cannot deny her presence. I do not pray to her, I do not even refer to her specifically most of the time. I go through long periods without even thinking of her. But she's there and has never gone away. She is a constant solid presence, very subtle in her movement.

She's got a pretty cool birth story. Her mother was Metis, a goddess of wisdom. Zeus swallowed Metis and Athena sprung fully grown and clothed from Zeus' head, giving him one hell of a headache. She is the divine feminine who will not be suppressed by masculine yang. Ancient Greek society certainly was not woman-centric, in fact the ancient Greek ladies had a bit of a rough time, yet Athens was named for her, and she is immortalized as an astoundingly powerful goddess.

I think sometimes specific deities come to us in a lifelong relationship because we need them, somehow. We need something they stand for. They help us to see that we hold the same qualities they do, and they are here to teach us to discover these treasures within ourselves and how to effectively use those gifts.

Some people may never experience this, and there's nothing lesser about that. The important thing is communication with the godforce, in whatever capacity we need. The method doesn't matter as much as the relationship. A relationship not bound by the constraints of religions, but one of freedom in which we can experence our own connection to the divine in a way that is as unique as each of us are. The word religion comes from the Latin religare, which means to bind. But knowing god is freedom, and god certainly cannot be bound the way our human minds can be.

I believe that the more we participate in this divine relationship and acknowledge it in every fiber of our existence, the more that relationship plays out and works wonders in our lives. The more we open ourselves to it, the more it is there for us.

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