topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, November 23, 2006


Last year's Thanksgiving fell on 11/24. A year minus a day. I have a lot of trouble comprehending that at this exact time last year I was still living with the ex, 2 apartments ago, on maternity leave from a different job. I really have trouble with the time thing, because not even a year has passed and it feels more like 5 years. I look back and the time is so short, but the distance is so vast.

Last Thanksgiving was my breaking point. It was one of the most intensely painful days of my life. It was also my 8 day old daughter's first Thanksgiving. Also the last time I spoke with her grandparents.

When we take a leap of faith and jump off a cliff, we grow wings. Spirits come to catch us, but we have to take the initiative to jump. Which is the scariest thing in the world. Perhaps that is why the distance between then and now is so great; I haven't been walking, I have been flying. Sometimes through rain, sometimes soaring through brilliant sun, but this entire year has been such an amazing journey.

So this Thanksgiving, like last year, I am alone again, except it is by choice. My feeling of gratitude is so great, there are no sufficient words.

Thank you, to all the unseen forces that have guided me, helped me, spoken to me, and given me the strength to make it to where I am right now.

Thank you to all of the physical hands that have helped me.

Thank you to my Teachers who never knew they were Teachers.

Thank you.

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