topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, November 27, 2006

!Tengo Vergüenza!

Today started a new day with the new babysitter. I was to bring Daya there at 8am. An extra hour in the morning for me, no more busses or crazy travel. I set my alarm for 1 hour ahead. Everything went according to plan. I dropped Daya off down the hall, and stopped home to get my laptop. Clock said 8:15. Great.

On the train, I looked out the window at one of the station clocks to check my time. Why did it say 7:36? I seriously thought that the subway people forgot to change the clocks a few weeks ago. But I still had a suspicion...

...that was confirmed when I got to work at exactly 8am. I called the sitter to apologize, they said it was fine but I am so embarassed. On the first day too!!!

Since the new sitter doesn't speak a word of English, I need to remember all of my Spanish.

Here are my words of today:

desempaquetar- to unpack
vacunacion- vaccination

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  1. Oh man, too funny. At least they were up... or were they? ;)


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