topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Surreal Circles and...Wow!

I'm taking a software class this weekend. Exactly one year and a couple of weeks ago, I took a different software class with the same training company. I am in the same place with, ironically enough, the same instructor. Who actually remembers me. Last year I was still pregnant. It is so, so strange, like walking in overlapped time. I can't get my head around the time factor- that it was only one year ago, when it feels, literally, like its been at least five years ago. Or lifetimes ago. Its such a strange feeling. I keep seeing myself back then. Down to the shirt I was wearing.

Earlier in the week I emailed Beth to ask if she has seen mint chapstick lately. I haven't seen it in years...I missed it. And yesterday, look what I found!

What can I say, little things make me happy.

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