topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Forget It

The child support court date is cancelled. I give up.

First the child Support people told me (three times, three different people) that serving to an international address was no problem. But it is a problem for South Africa, becaue it took me going down to court to find out they don't serve.

So I FedEx'd the papers. To the address that is in all the legal papers. The one his lawyer is using. They said it would arrive Friday. That Friday night I had a dream that he had received the package and he was talking to me about why I sent it.

This morning I got 10 voicemails, all from FedEx, left since October 6th. I just got all of them today. They said the address was incorrect. Whle I was on the phone the mailroom called saying they have my FedEx package.

My SA friend says it's definite funny business, becaue over there you can just pay the delivery guy to "take care of it". Happens all the time.

And the child support checks stopped. Which, ironically, I'm glad of since they just piss me off.

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