topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, September 01, 2006


Yay September!

I made it through August in 2 pieces, but I'll glue one back on.

Yesterday I wondered why I wasn't getting any email at work....and today, I got all of it. No rational explanation, other than August ate all my email, then had to puke it back up 'cause it's now September.

I think I need to do some purification. I should have gotten a white 7 day candle yesterday, but I'll get it today. Do some smudging and stuff, all will be well. And work on that one thing. That's important. And frustrating.

I'm feeling much better, not great, but better.

My current quandry is if I should bother or not to try and get an increase in child support. $100 a month is an insult, not help. Ex doesn't want to give up parental rights (not that he exercises them), so he should have to take some responsibility, right? I think so. It costs me nothing to petition and go to court. The court will serve papers to any address, even an international one. All sounding one issue is that I really don't want him anywhere near me or Daya, he's really and truly dangerous. But I'm thinking that there are no down-sides for me in petitioning for an increase, it's definitely more of a hassle for him. Do I want to get involved with the energy? I'm leaning more towards a yes with this, perhaps it'll give me more leverage to present him dropping parental rights again. Besides, the honest truth is that I really need the financial help. He wants rights, he needs to accept responsibility.

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