topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Autumn Equinox

Today is the equinox, when the light and dark hours are equal. The winds have shifted, the autumn chill is in the air.

I love autumn; this is my favourite time of year. It is also traditionally a powerful time for me. I have been dreaming all over the place for the past few nights, after a bit of a lag. This is good. I have also started meditating again daily, which wasn't planned, I just started doing it. My heart area still feels a bit "off", and my internal energy is still low, but I get small short burst here and there. Lately I feel the Goddess presence very strongly.

For the rest of this month I am preparing for October, which is "housecleaning" month- meaning fasting and stuff like that. My preparation mostly includes cleaning small bits of my apartment to have a clean environment to start everythng. This makes me thankful that my place is so tiny- less to clean!

I think I'd like to take a discipline during the month of October, probably dietary. I'm not sure what yet, because I'll be doing a bit of modified fasting. It'll probably have a lot to do with brown rice, lentils, and veggies. Maybe I'll even go vegan for a month.

Let's see what the rest of the year brings. Perhaps this outer limbo I have been in may subside.
That would be nice.

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