topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, August 28, 2006

Motherwort 1

So after my marathon conversation with my sister the other night I decided to start taking Motherwort. I have a lot of meditating to do, and hopefully with the season change I'll actually be able to do it. At least I have my focus.

I cannot feel Mother energy at all. Not one bit. There is a heaviness in my heart, like a brick is stuck in there or something.

This afternoon I brewed a nice strong cup of the bitter herb. I feel something, it's...odd. And subtle. I dont know how else to describe it. But I defeinitely felt someting about halfway through the first feels like it's in the background.

This blockage I actually feel as a strong physical sensation in my heart. It's unpleasant. I'd really like it to go away.

I'm more confused than ever about that certain thing. It just makes no sense. None at all. Very very frustrating.

Universe, I demand an explanation. (Please.)

Oh, I had a Bubble War with Daya the other day. It was fun. I missed how she used to blow bubbles. She has started up again, with full force.

And she waited until just after we got home last night to expel the biggest shit-storm I have ever seen. The kind where you put the child right in the bathtub with all their clothes on. I dont know how such a little person can hold so much shit. Seriously. Goddess was looking out for me, I got home in record time. That would have been a really, really, really bad thing to happen while in transit.

And I have still never been pooped on, peed on, or puked on. Daya rocks.

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