topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, August 28, 2006

August Leaves Parting Gifts

How many more days in this ridiculous month?

So my student loan payments went up. By a lot. Which is why I am completely, irrationally BROKE for the next 2 weeks.

Am taking financial action. Must get that payment down again. I can't afford what they're taking out. Have lowered the marriage-debt payments by a little so that'll be nice. And tomorrow first thing I'm changing my tax witholding.

Money is, of course, tied right into most people's survival nerve. Unfortunately I still fall into that category as well, but I notice that when I have a mini "oh shit" money crisis, I think about Daya, not myself.

But almost ever day I think about how I make x amount of salary, and I live in this tiny tiny place just scraping by. Something is very wrong with that, I think.

Oh yeah, it's the child-with-no-financial-help thing. I got really angry at the ex on the way home. I let myself be there occasionally, but not to stay there.

Please bring on September already. I am skipping August next year.

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