topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 10, 2006

Chickenman Hold My Hand

The 3am hour is always the one where stuff happens.

I was in a place that looked like the house in GA, with a woman who was a friend. There was a dead woman who wanted to see me, she gave her name as Jody Serota (someone I know and trust to be benign and of Light). Jody said I needed something. (Some other guy named Chris H... did too, but I don't know him and never saw him.) The woman I was with was going to take me to see Jody, who stayed in dead caverns off to the side of the house, but it wasn't a physical dimension. I was creeped out because, well, Jody was dead. She just wasn't actng like it.

Anyhow, aside from being scared, I didn't get the "bad" feeling I get with other entities I sometimes encounter. It was a friendly and beneficial sort of environment. Nevertheless, I was creeped out and delayed seeing Jody. I wish I wasn't scared. I went to the kitchen to get something, and I felt her before I saw her.

I saw her for a split instant, she was tall, pale, with short straight black hair and black areas for eyes. I was immediately turned facing away from her and she put her hands on my arms. I saw what looked like upside-down lightening, it felt like many volts of electricity going through my body. Her touch was very unpleasant, and I was really scared even though I knew she did not mean me harm and was there to help. I just kept thinking about her being dead.

I don't know if she did what she had to do, or if I was too freaked out to get what I was supposed to get- at any rate I was very gently put back inside my body, and I woke up gradually and without shock. Time was 4:06am.

Unlike other "encounters" I've had, I felt fine afterwards and I didn't have that creeped-out feeling at all, and no after-shock. So I know she was benign, and I wish I wasn't so scared and could stick around and see what it was all about. I think I still have "Spirit-World PTSD" from that time period a few years back. And from last summer, let's not forget that.

On the way to work this morning I was sitting at the front of the bus; someone had written "Dead Girl" on the back of the truck in front of me.

On the way to work, at Liberty Ave there was a large dead cat in the middle of the road. (That made me really, really sad. I don't like things like that.)

Update 9:53 am- R--- just stopped me in the hall to mention the movie Sixth Sense, which he just saw, he thought it was scary. I was waiting for the third thing.

Wish I knew what the hell it all means.

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