topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, December 30, 2006

3 Month Update

Archiving old emails from when Daya was a baby into my blog.

Feb 2006

Hi everyone,

I turned 3 months old last week.  In celebration, I got:
1 (one) shot from the doctor and
2 (two) ears pierced!

I barely cried at all.

I am HUGE. I already weigh 15.4lbs, and I am 25 1/2
inches long.  The doctor said I am in the 98th
percentile for size and growth.  In the last month, I
gained 4 lbs!!

Mom says that because I am 3 months old it's time
for me to try and sleep through the night.  I don't
think this is a very good idea.  Mom keeps saying
something about how I'm old enough now to learn and it would
be really great because she has not had an
uninterrupted night's sleep for 7 months.  Unfortunately the
doctor is on her side. I think I need a new doctor.

I have 2 hands!  They're really cool.  Mom keeps
saying someting about I have feet too, but I don't
know what the heck she's talking about.

I want to talk sooo badly, and I'll have a good
conversation with anyone who will listen.  And talk
back.  The cat won't talk back to me though, she
just runs away.

Yesterday I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
It was my very first museum trip ever.  People
looked at me instead of the paintings, and lots of people
kept saying they loved my leopard print socks. 

When I was at the museum we went to the gift store
and I picked out some fun presents for my friends Yumiko
and Miu who live in Japan.  I think it's cool that I
already have friends all over the world.

My mom says she'll teach me to paint, too, when I
get just a little bit bigger.  I think I will paint
better than those museum paintings.

Mom keeps trying to get a picture with me and the
cat,but the cat doesn't like me very much (yet).  She
won't sit anywhere near me, so I took pictures with
my horse instead.  (Thanx Christine for my horse!)

Thanks to **everyone** who has given me such nice
things.  You are all so wonderful and thoughtful.

Check out the attached Word document for the latest
pictures of me!  There are 4 pages.  Don't forget to
look at my leopard socks!

Daya (and Jessica)

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