topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, May 19, 2005

Wet as Soup

I learned a very important lesson yesterday.

NEVER get soup from an empanada place.

i've been on a Soup Quest lately. The soup place across from my office has some fantastic soup. especially their asparagus crab bisque, but they are so fiendishly expensive!!! So I have been exploring other options.

The empanada place claimed to have black bean soup with no meat in it. That sounded promising. Except that it solely consisted of a cup of black beans- with maybe an inch of liquid on top. Nothing else- no celery, no potatoes...hey, I've had bean soup before, and this was just a cup of beans. I couldn't eat it.

So then, because I was really hungry, I went down to the Seaport to get whatever looked edible. I was thinking about a nice calzone, but then I remembered the Japanese place there, which has really yummy shrimp udon.

I think the place changed ownership, because that certainly wasn't the shrimp udon I know and love.

Deon ate most of it, the rest went to the rats.

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